Innovation Transdisciplinarity Entrepreneurship


Health and Aging

Assuming that the problems posed by health and aging are complex, require capacity to deal with uncertainty and change, and from a scientific and practical point of view, they cross disciplinary boundaries, transdisciplinary skills are required which, based on collaboration and creativity, redefine and reframe them and design meaningful solutions.

Transdisciplinary competencies require:

integrating problem framing and problem solving,
communication and collaboration between people of different disciplines and educational levels, and
intelligent use of technologies and resources
By combining these competencies, it is intended to support the construction of collective knowledge and increase the capacity to solve human problems.


In this framework, EIT Health’s Innovation Day is a context where participants will be challenged to think innovatively about problems, to project for entrepreneurship and to communicate to specific audiences. In this way, participants are expected to develop competencies:

  • transdisciplinary analyzes on health and aging problems;
  • work in multidisciplinary teams with a view to transdisciplinarity
  • to project for entrepreneurship
  • to communicate effectively
  • interaction with researchers and investors in the area of aging and health
  • transdisciplinary innovation in aging and health

Thematic areas


Health and Aging


– Integration and continuity of care

– Aging in place

– Care pathways for people with comorbidities

Target Audience:

Students from different disciplinary areas and at all levels of training, with special emphasis on advanced training students

Work methodology

Plenary lectures with Keynote Speakers of recognized international merit

Sessions work in multidisciplinary teams with the objective of analyzing a problem and constructing a project.


The 1st prize: will have technical support to apply for an innovation voucher; travel and stay for the team paid by EIT Health to present of the winning idea at Paris on the 1st december 2019, a technological prize (voucher) f and the right to use the PACT co-work space.

The 2nd prize: a technological prize (voucher) for team members; and the right to use the PACT co-work space.

The 3rd prize: a technological prize (voucher) for team members; and the right to use the PACT co-work space.